Yindili & Kuyu
50.8cm x 76.2cm

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    Lila Creek

    50.8cm x 76.2cm : Earth & Dry Pigment on Linen

    CAT# 255-22

    Yindili & Kuyu

    I’ve painted yindili (kingfisher). There are  three types of Kingfisher that live around Wujal Wujal.  They live in the rainforest and along the coastal areas.  Yindili is a beautiful bird and very quick! Their feathers are like jewels.  You see them flying quickly, darting around. Their colours flash by, you need to be quick to see them! 

    Kuyu (fish) is the yindili’s favourite food.  They have a sharp beak and are quick.  They can see fish in the water from a long distance.  

    Our football team is named Wujal Wujal Yindili.  Yindili is sacred to us Bama.