Jumul-jumul (Grass Seeds)
50.8cm x 50.8cm

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    Sonya Creek

    50.8cm x 50.8cm : Acrylic on Linen

    CAT# 102-22

    Jumul-jumul (Grass Seeds)

    Jikan (grass) starts to seed during spring and winter months. When I go out with my family during these months, we always see buruir (mob) of different Dikal (birds) flying around and eating jumul-jumul (grass seeds). 

    Jumul-jumul also signal that the rain season has ended, as they flower along with the Nganjirr (grass tree). The jumul-jumul then fall to the ground if not eaten by dikal to produce new jikan for following months. After the jumul-jumul has fallen off, the jikan starts to die and becomes a beautiful copper colour. I love going on country during spring and winter to watch the jumul-jumul become all sorts of colours as it dies off.