76.2cm x 101.6cm

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    Junibel Doughboy

    76.2cm x 101.6cm : Earth & Dry Pigment on Linen

    CAT# 307-22


    I’m Kuku-Yalanji woman. My mum is from Wujal Wujal and my dad is from Laura, Chillagoe and Cooktown. For us Bama (Kuku-Yalanji people), we can’t touch bulbuji or wurarr-wurarr. They are sacred. Bulbuji start flying around once the rains come, they are also maja (boss) for bana (water) and the walkurr (water goanna).

    After the rains come everything comes to life.  It’s the time when special plants flower and tell us to go hunting for different animals.  Everything is connected for us.  The plants and animals.  Everything.