76.2cm x 101.6cm: acrylic on linen

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    Lila Creek

    76.2cm x 101.6cm: acrylic on linen : Painting

    CAT# 49-21


    Our bubu (country) is like a storybook.  Baral (tracks) tell you what animal is travelling around. Some of the tracks we see are from the kurriyala (snake), walkarr (lizard) and kadar (wallaby). We can track the animals we hunt by following their tracks. The waybala (whitefella) has bought new tracks into our country, shoes and mudaka (motorcar) and plenty of bulki (cattle).

    I’m painting the bird and animal tracks you find on the beach.  You can see them going this way and that way.  Everywhere!

    During COVID19 Wujal Wujal had to go in lockdown like everywhere else in Australia. It was really lovely, not so many tourists. We had the beaches to ourselves.